3 Winter Adventures For The Whole Family

When we think of winter, we think of snow and skiing here in Colorado. But we know that not everyone skis or snowboards, so we wanted to offer a few tips on how to get in some winter adventures off the slopes.

Whether your favorite way to get outside in the winter is having a mimosa on a patio or snowmobiling in the backcountry, we have some adventures for you. 

1. Snow Shoeing

Nothing is more enjoyable for us than being out in nature during a light snowfall. A dense quiet forest is a magical place to enjoy some time with your friends or loved ones. We know that not everyone knows how to cross country ski or owns a snowmobile to get out in the backcountry. That is why your next winter adventure should be snowshoeing. If you are from The Denver Boulder area like we are you can see some amazing trails that are just a short drive from Denver here.

Overall snowshoeing is something that everyone can do, if you can hike, you can snowshoe! This is a perfect adventure for the whole family, just make sure to always prepare for the adventure properly. Make sure to pack extra layers for warmth, stay within your limits, and if it starts storming hard don’t be afraid to turn around and get back to shelter.

If you have never snowshoed before, reach out to your local sporting goods store and rent a pair before you buy! Most sporting goods stores such as REI and Christy Sports offer snowshoe rentals at a reasonable price. They are also a great source for more information on trails, equipment, and form!

2. Cross Country Skiing

If you’re still seeking the adventure of skiing but don’t want to have to buy expensive ski passes or wait in lift lines, you need to try cross country skiing. Cross country skiing will give you the adventure you want, with the workout you need.

There are many places to cross country ski, some people love heading through the woods, on golf courses, or you can even buy a pass for many nordic ski areas that groom the trails for you. If you’ve never cross country skied before, you can rent for a fraction of the price as downhill skiing, and get rentals at many places, here’s a great list of spots here in Colorado.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an all-star athlete to get out on cross country skis, check out this video and see how easy it is to pick it up!

3. Ice Skating

When you don’t have the energy for a full-fledged adventure but still want to get outside, go ice skating. Whether you head to a man-made rink or out to the lake (always check to make sure it is safe) it is all about getting out during winter to get your heart rate up!

There are plenty of local rinks in most cities and sometimes even natural outdoor rinks that get set up every winter for family fun. If you are a Colorado local you can head up to the Evergreen lake house where they have 11 pond hockey rinks, 1 main public rink, a stone fireplace to warm up, concessions, and all rental amenities.

No matter where you are in the country or what you enjoy, make sure to get out and enjoy the winter! Still craving a new winter adventure? Check out why you need to try fat biking >