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6 Dog-Friendly National Parks Your Dog (And You) Will Love

We know how much the Roofnest Flock loves hitting up National Parks in their RTTs — and how many campers […]

Add These 6 Best Campsites in Canada to Your Bucket List

July 1st is Canada Day. What better way to celebrate than camping in the Great White North this summer? The […]

Why I Love Camping with A Roofnest as a Dog Owner

Author: Nick Jaynes Two generations of dogs have camped with me in my Roofnest Condor. Over the years, I’ve learned […]

6 Insanely Easy Camping Meals to Make With Your Kids

There’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors with your family. Being disconnected can do wonders for you and your kids’ […]

Prep for Your Next Camping Adventure With This Easy Camping Checklist

At Roofnest, spring is synonymous with camping season (although we still do our fair share of winter camping, too). If […]

8 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for the Adventurous Mom in Your Life

If your mom (or the mother of your kiddos) is the adventurous sort, it might be hard to get her […]

Glamping vs. Car Camping: Why You Should Experience a Roof Top Tent

Being quarantined inside was probably not what you had planned for 2020. We’re right there with you. With COVID regulations […]

3 Fun and Educational Earth Day Activities for Kids

One of the greatest parts of being a parent is watching your child discover all the magic the world has […]

6 Underrated National Parks to Add to Your Bucket List

National Parks week is here! That means it’s time to bust out that bucket list and figure out which of […]

Can Cats Go Camping? Yes, and Here’s the Cutest Proof Ever

When most of us think about taking our pets camping, a dog is the first animal that comes to mind. […]

Which Hard Shell Roof Top Tent is Right for Families?

Family camping trips can mean the world to the ones you love. They’re opportunities to reset and relax with your […]

What Kind of Roof Rack Do I Need for a Hard Shell Roof Top Tent?

So you’ve decided to get a hard shell roof top tent. Now you need to know what kind of roof […]

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