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April National Park Highlight: White Sands

Corey Mercer

Feb 22, 2024


While most of us are mandated to stay home right now, we think the perfect way to power through the quarantine is to start planning your next trip. And what better way to do so than to check out the rare white gypsum dunes of White Sands National Monument.

With endless dunes and various hikes that are perfect for both families and the more experienced adventurer, White Sands National Monument is a must-visit once the pandemic has subsided and you can lose yourself in the beautiful New Mexico landscape.

Backcountry Camping

One of the best ways to really take in everything that this astounding National Park has to over is planning an overnight backpacking trip. But be warned: This is bare-boned adventure. The nearest bathroom and water supply is a good mile from each campsite. And with summer days climbing up above 100℉, make sure you pack plenty of it to stay hydrated! Keeping in line with the park rules to ensure this magnificent place stays beautiful, there is a strict no trace policy. This includes your furry companions, too. It's important to note that the park gate closes an hour after sunset every night. Be sure you’re prepared with everything you need because once you’re in after dark you’re there until morning!

Camping Near the Dunes

The National Park only allows backcountry camping on-site. But since we all love staying in the comfort of our Roofnest, we've scoped out plenty of car/RV campsites in the immediate surrounding area. With private and public sites just an easy drive from the dunes, the area allows for the perfect trip with your Roofnest.

Hike through the Dunes

One of the biggest draws for us to White Sands National Monument is the huge array of hiking available to visitors. From views of the vast desert landscapes to discovering new peaks of the dunes, the park offers a little something for everyone. The Interdune Boardwalk and Dune Life Nature Trail are located on the more mellow end of the hiking spectrum. But both of these trails provide stunning views of both the Dunes and the Sacramento Mountains, as well as a family-friendly trail in the Dune Life Nature trail to learn about the inhabiting wildlife. For the more experienced hiker, we highly recommend the Alkali Flat Trail. But don't let the title fool you — this trail is anything but flat! This arduous 5-mile trail takes you up and over steep dunes that lead to lakebed that's been dried up since the last Ice Age.

Although we’re only planning our future trips, we hope that sooner than later we’ll all be back out playing in our breathtaking National Parks. In the meantime, check out our guide on camping safely during coronavirus >