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Charles + Hudson Test the Roofnest Sparrow on Family Roadtrip

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

Highlighting the best in trucks, tech, and tools since 2005 — pretty much anything Charles + Hudson is doing, we’re doing, too. We’re big fans of their project guides. From building sawhorses to wood-burning saunas, they know how to transform anything into a vessel for adventure. So we were stoked to hear they took the Roofnest Sparrow for a spin in their 2020 Kia Telluride with the family. “Great view. Super comfortable,” said Timothy Dahl, Charles + Hudson founder, as he popped the tent open and showed off his favorite features. That includes the super comfy foam mattress that allowed him and his family to get some restful sleep on their adventure. The family packed up and headed out on a 500-mile trek from Los Angeles to Tucson, with a few stops along the way. “The Roofnest Sparrow is one of the sharpest-looking rooftop tents we’ve ever seen. While closed, the side profile looks smaller than a typical cargo box and is much more aerodynamic than boxy soft shell tents. That means you’ll take a smaller hit at the pump.” The lightweight design made a big difference for Dahl’s family on their trip and allowed them to stick to their budget when filling up. Read Charles + Hudson's full review of the Roofnest Sparrow here > This family didn’t have to stress about the setup or breakdown of their RTT. After popping the latches, their kids crawled inside, ready to take it out for a test run. After a few hours battling California traffic, they set up at their first stop at a campground in El Centro. The kids were asleep in the car when the parents parked and set up camp, but luckily they stayed asleep when Dahl and his wife carried them up the ladder and right onto that comfy mattress. We’ll take at least some of the credit for that win. The pictures speak for themselves — this family was definitely having a great road trip. “We were sad to see the Sparrow go at the end of our loan,” said Dahl. “A rooftop tent can’t be beat!” Take a Summer Adventure with The Kids Roofnest RTTs are perfect for all kinds of adventures. But the ease they provide makes them even better when you’re with your family — even if that’s your canine companions or feline friends! So why not pack the kids up this summer and make some memories? With your Roofnest, you’ll have more time (and energy) to do the things your family loves the most. Doing some meal prep? We’ve got you covered there too. Check out these insanely easy camping meals for families >