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June’s Rig of The Month: Andrew Wimmer’s Falcon XL-Topped Toyota Tacoma

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

Andrew Wimmer recently took a moment to post in the Roofnest Flock Facebook group about his Falcon XL. It caught our attention because Wimmer mounted the Falcon XL to his 2021 dual-cab, long-bed Tacoma with a custom-made rack. We were so impressed with the setup, it earned the title of June’s Rig of the Month. Let’s dig in. Wimmer started with a SnugTop Rebel truck cap complete with the Sportsman’s package. He then bolted Yakima crossbars to the cap’s built-in rails. Using some 8020 brackets, weather stripping, and a set of Yakima M6 nuts, Wimmer mounted the rails to the truck and then added another set of brackets to mount the Falcon. If you’re into technical details, you’ll love this next part. Inserting the tent bolts right into a second set of brackets/plates on the crossbars, Wimmer used only four bolts instead of the eight that came in the pack. He also used some extra weather stripping to both protect the bed cap from the crossbars and also prevent any rattling. With a ⅜-inch clearance from the rack to the car, the tent didn’t interfere with the shark fin antenna atop the Tacoma. Wimmer recommends giving the setup a bit of slack since there’s a small lip on the front of the tent. But Wimmer has been off-roading with this setup for about four months now and has never had an issue. Another cool add-on is the traction boards between the crossbars. This adds just a bit more security for the tent’s low profile. This decked-out rig also included an extra set of cross rails with 8020 brackets for the 1.5×3” rail to fit the M8 screws which mounted to the tent side like a glove. We love the creativity and ingenuity that Wimmer displayed with his build. If you’d like your rig to be featured, please share it with us at!