How to Feather Your Roofnest For Winter Camping

As winter creeps closer, everyone here at Roofnest is reluctant to put away our camp gear. And with a hard shell roof top tent, we don’t have to!

Staying off the ground in a Roofnest is the first advantage for staying warm while winter camping. And when you add in a few other key elements, you can stay toasty on even the coldest winter nights.

Add Insulation

Our first solution for staying warm in winter weather is our Roofnest Ptarmigan Insulation. Our insulation is packable, easy to install, and will keep you warm all winter long. With quick and easy installation, you just hook the edges of the insulation to the top edges of your tent and it will extend your comfort range by around 30 degrees.

Invest in an Electric Blanket

If you don’t want to insulate your tent but are still looking for a buffer against cool weather, look no further than feathering your Roofnest with an electric blanket.

You’ll need access to a portable camping battery to charge the blanket, so check out our popular blog on how to make your own DIY battery for just north of $100. There are endless options for electric blankets on Amazon, ranging from $40 – $140. Whichever you choose, an electric blanket is a foolproof way to stay warm all night.


Choose a High-Quality Sleeping Bag

Our final piece of advice is the most obvious one: have a reliable sleeping bag. Sleeping bags can range widely in price, and some can end up costing you a pretty penny. But a high-quality, well-insulated sleeping bag is a necessary investment if you plan on camping into the fall and winter.

And to make it easier, our friends over at Best Hiking rated the top 5 sleeping bags for winter camping.

We always love hearing about tips and tricks our flock has found along the way for staying warm during your winter camping adventures. Submit your story to us on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our blog! 

Of course, you may hit a point in which you’d rather store your Roofnest for winter and make more room for skis & snowboards on your car rack. But how and where is the best place to store your roof top tent? Here’s your guide for storing your Roofnest this winter >

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