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5 Easy Ways to Take a Shower While Camping

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

5 Easy Ways to Take a Shower While Camping
There’s nothing like getting off the grid and skipping town for a couple of days — or even a couple of weeks. One of the few downsides of camping is not always being able to access a hot shower when you need it. Some campsites might offer camping bathrooms and shower facilities. But depending on where you camp, you might not always have this luxury. While rivers and lakes can be great for a refreshing dip, you could harm the environment if you bring in any soap or shampoo. And it’s not a guarantee you’ll be camping next to a body of water that’s clean enough for rinsing off. Luckily, there are several easy and eco-friendly ways to get clean after a long hike, bike ride, or during a long camping trip. Here are some great camping shower options that you can hook up to your RTT rig or toss in your backpack and take on the go. Your travel-mates will thank you.

On-The-Go Clean With a ShowerPouch

It’s not always possible or necessary to bust out a full shower setup on-site. You can still maintain great hygiene out and about with a quality wet wipe. Our favorite is The ShowerPouch, which are extra-large body wipes that disinfect and eliminate body odor fast. When you’re done using your ShowerPouch wipe, you can throw it in the wash at home or rinse it off and use it again later. They’re also biodegradable. Choose from 3 gentle scents, and throw one in your day pack for when you notice you’re starting to smell a bit funky. Organic, versatile, and germ-killing, the ShowerPouch is a must-have for outdoor explorers. Check out the ShowerPouch >

Solar-Powered Camping Showers

There are backpacking showers and portable devices that use solar-powered energy to offer a steamy hot shower. The Advanced Elements camping shower has a reflector and insulation panel that uses the sun’s rays to heat up the water inside. With useful straps and a sturdy handle, you can hang it from your rig or behind a tree for privacy. Another excellent option is the NEMO Helio Pressure Shower, which allows you to up the pressure of your water with a small foot pump. As far as DIY camp showers go, these are going to be your middle-of-the-road options and can be anywhere from $30 to $100 dollars.

Electric and Gas-Powered Camp Showers

If you want to avoid boiling water (or having to wait for the sun to heat it up), you might opt for an electric or gas-powered device. With your propane tank, you can create your own mini hot water heater with a HOTTAP. For those who love their showers scalding, try a battery-powered camp shower, like the Geyser. These are also must-haves for winter camping adventures when a cold shower isn’t what you want. There are plenty of these camping showers on the market, ranging from $300-$500.

Simple Camp Shower Attachments

Your Roofnest roof top tent has plenty of places to hook up shower attachments that will come in handy for when you want to get clean while camping. To build your own camping shower, all you’ll need is a 1-gallon spray bottle and some rubber tubing for the showering device. For a makeshift shower curtain, hang an umbrella from a tree, and hang a trash bag over the ribs of the umbrella. One creative camper even built a portable camp shower with PVC pipe to suction cup to the side of her RV, which can easily be set up and broken down right beside your car. For families looking for a full outdoor shower setup, you might consider a ZODI Outback Hot Shower and a private shower tent. It doesn’t get much more luxurious than that when you’re out in the wild.

Find a Camp Shower Near You

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a traditional shower while you’re camping. If building your own set-up or buying a portable camp shower isn’t for you, it’s worth researching the campsite you’re going to for bathroom and shower solutions. This site allows you to filter campgrounds by available amenities like shower sites. Some sites come with showers and bathrooms, while others are situated near recreation centers that allow you to shower for free (or with a reasonable daily fee). If you do opt for rinsing off in a nearby lake or river, be sure to bring along biodegradable soaps and shampoos. That way you can follow “Leave No Trace” principles while you clean up.

Feel Clean No Matter Where You Are

Hygiene is important when you’re on the trail, especially if you’re in close quarters with friends and family. And so is privacy. It's not always easy to get privacy while you're showering outside, which is why we just launched the Roofnest Privacy Tent which can be used for changing, showering, or any time when you need your own space. The ground mat protects your bare feet and allows for easy drainage. Check out our convenient pop-up privacy tent for your showering needs >