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December Ambassador Highlight: Forrest Smith

Corey Mercer

Feb 22, 2024


This year has been one for the books here at Roofnest. We’ve come out with new tent models. You guys have grown the flock. And we got to work with some amazing ambassadors along the way. This month we wanted to highlight a good friend, ambassador, and Colorado native, Forrest Smith.

Who is Forrest?

Forrest is a travel and commercial photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. As a 27 year old he has worked with an impressive array of brands. From high fashion brands like Alexander Wang and NBA superstars like Russel Westbrook, Forrest has made a name for himself in the photography world. Boasting over 320,000 followers on Instagram at @lostintheforrest his keen eye for photography has not gone unnoticed.

How did Forrest become a Roofnest ambassador?

Forrest reached out to Roofnest for a project he was working on last summer. He packed up his old Toyota 4runner with nothing but good friends and a good attitude to travel across the country with his Roofnest. This was exactly the mindset we wanted from our ambassadors. Once we heard more about his project we knew we wanted to be a part of it. Traveling all over the west coast from Colorado to California picking and dropping off friends along the way Forrest lived out of his Roofnest.

What’s next for Forrest?

Forrest is currently living out in Brooklyn, New York. He is still shooting all the time but with a bit of a change in scenery. The change from the PNW to NYC has shown a big change in his photography. He even started a new instagram page you can check out here. You can see his new photos have a completely different vibe, but all captured by the same eyes. Forrest hopes to shoot more film, work with more fashion companies, and show a diverse view on the city everyone dreams of, NYC.

Just another ambassador doing what he loves made possible by a Roofnest. Last Month we highlighted another good friend of the brand Mason Prendergast who has a similar story, check it out here. As always, if you want to be considered for the Roofnest ambassador program send an email to for more info.