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Destination of the Month Telluride, CO

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

Roofnest destination of the month Telluride, roofnest blog

This month we’re back and bringing you a new, exciting destination blog to get your adventure juice flowing! We’re excited to highlight a city in our Roofnest home base state, Colorado. If you’re not familiar with it, Telluride is a former mining town in southwestern Colorado. The city itself is located in a box canyon, surrounded by steep cliffs and mountains, and Bridal Veil Falls at the canyon’s head. The central part of town is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and is brimming with ski shops, coffee shops, and local artisan retailers. Telluride hits its peak popularity during the ski season, so this summer is the time to take advantage of all the exciting things this city has to offer.

Outdoor Activities

When in Telluride, there is no shortage of things to do outdoors to take in the incredible views surrounding you. One of the most sought after activities in Telluride is the Via Ferrata climb. This climb isn’t for the weak-hearted, as at its thickest point you’ll be standing on one iron ledge and attached to a harness at over 500ft. While you are strapped in at all times, we recommend taking a guided climb or going with a very experienced pal who’s gone before. It’s long, strenuous, but utterly unique in the experience and views its provides to those who take it on. Climbing gear and basic technical skills are required.

Another popular outdoor adventure in Telluride is the hike along Bear Creek Falls. The hike is open all year round, and totals in 2.5 miles roundtrip. Unlike the Via Ferrata, this is a great opportunity to get all the family and friends involved. Along the hike you’ll cruise by streams, clearings, and ultimately end up at Bear Creek Falls.


Camping in Telluride can be an experience unlike any other. Scoping out sites before your trip will provide you with some pretty unimaginable views, so we’re here to give you the low-down on two of Telluride’s most popular and cherished campsites: Alta Lakes and Blue Lake.

Alta Lakes Campground is by far the most popular site in the area. This campsite is easily accessible for the whole family, and provides tons of things to do right from your campsite, perfect for our Flock on their family adventures. The campground is one destination, but provides three lakes. In the morning, walk right out of your tent and go fly fishing, paddleboarding, or hiking. This campsite practices No Trace camping, and is increasingly popular during the summer for its one-of-a-kind experience. Be sure to check for availability before packing up and heading out!

Blue Lake camping is for those who are seeking more of a back-packing experience. The views you reach at the end of the hike are more than worth the effort. You’ll need to bring all your supplies on back and prepare to hike through the Mt. Sneffels wilderness. When you finally reach the stunning Blue Lake, you’ll be able to hike down and locate the flattened land area for camping. Throughout the night, it tends to drop down and still get cold, even in the summer. Make sure if you head out to this site without your Roofnest, to still pack your Roofnest down blanket, which is light to carry and warm to sleep under.

Local Attractions

Aside from all of the outdoor magic, Telluride has tons to offer in the heart of Town. Telluride Brewing Co. is one of the largest microbreweries in the United States, and has several awards to show for it. Stop in and grab a drink or take a tour, but again, be sure to call and check availability this summer as it gets very popular for tourists passing through. The Telluride Food Tasting Tour is another exciting summer feature in this town. The tour is about 3 hours long, and introduces you to the many different cuisines and the folks who have crafted them for you. Be sure to book a tour sooner than later!

So there you have it, adventurers, Telluride in a nutshell. Check back soon for another destination highlight and get your summer planners out and ready.