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How A Roofnest Can Save Your Camp Trip

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024

How A Roofnest Can Save Your Camp Trip

Photo: Nickolaus Hines


When we say Roofnest roof top tents are easy-to-use, waterproof, and comfortable, we aren’t just tooting our own horns.

Nick Hines at Matador Network recently took our Roofnest Falcon out for a night, and quickly saw how these three Roofnest features helped save him and his fiancé Heather from a few potential camping disasters.

Shortly after parking, thunder and rain rolled in. Nick and Heather threw their camp gear back in the car and quickly popped open their Roofnest Falcon just as it started to pour.

Not only did he and his fiancé (and their small dog) stay warm and dry throughout the night in their hard shell roof top tent, but Nick noted how the mattress was a much comfier alternative to sleeping bags laid out over the uneven & rocky ground.

Most hauntingly, being off the ground saved the couple from having to share their tent with the many ground-dwelling spiders in the area that ended up invading the tents of neighboring sites. No thank you.

Read on and see how our Roofnest Falcon turned what could have been a soggy, rocky, spider-filled night of camping into a cozy, comfortable retreat under the stars.

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