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You’re daydreaming about your next road trip when you can crank the radio up and drive a little too fast for a little too long. You’re looking forward to making great memories with your closest friends…despite their smelly feet or guilty pleasure music choices. You’ll take turns picking the next destination and reading aloud from Dharma Bums or The New American Road Trip Mixtape to keep the stoke alive for the next week, month, or year living your wanderlust-filled dream. As for any good dream - even your real life ones on the road - a solid night’s sleep between adventure-packed days is oh-so-important. You’ve probably tried to stretch out in the front seat of your car before…and while that’s do-able for a few hours while waiting out a rain storm, we all know how our necks and backs feel the next day. So why not sleep on top of your car? Here are a handful of reasons a Roofnest might be perfect for your next adventure!

1. Stretch out!

Seriously. Even our smallest model has a significant 80” to sprawl out on the included 3” thick high-density foam mattress. Whether you’re fun-sized, on the north end of 6 feet, or somewhere in-between, you’ll have so much room for activities…including a great night’s sleep! As many of our satisfied customers have confirmed, setting up your ‘nest takes about a minute. And rest assured…you’ll stay dry and warm even in the worst weather conditions as our tent material is durable with a waterproof rating higher than modern backpacking tents!

2. Go more places

Our adventures take us over land as we cover vast interstates, rural backroads, and unmaintained mountain passes. A Roofnest will go wherever your vehicle will go without extending your car’s length or affecting its drivability during your weekend at the beach or summer filled with hiking, biking, or climbing up in the mountains! No matter how small your car or big your dreams, you’ll be traveling in style in your Roofnest while never having to worry about restrictions so common with RVs or trailers!

3. Get back on the road

The #vanlife is supposed to be simple, relaxing, and really cool looking on Instagram. Whether or not you absolutely need a van to experience that lifestyle is open to debate, though. What is a fact, however, is being able to break camp in just a couple minutes and be back on the road toward your next adventure in a Roofnest mounted to the vehicle you already have. No more messing around with rain flies, poles, or mud. Just get on the road and go!

4. Room with a view

Nothing beats waking up with a beautiful view right outside one of your four Roofnest windows! And don’t worry about bugs, rain, or cold - each window is mesh-covered and can be fully zipped closed! So much free camping is available with jaw-dropping scenery throughout North America (and beyond)...waking up in the incredible places you dream about will be reality…every day!

5. More space for...

Now that you’re sleeping on top of your car, you’ve opened up some significant real estate inside for a kitchen or more adventure gear…but most importantly, your furry friend can stretch out, too! There’s nothing better than seeing the sheer joy on your pooch’s face as it sniffs each passing mile out the window with ears flapping in the wind. Explore the trails, share a paddle board, and meet other dog-people on your adventures…your pup will thank you!