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The new models of our Eagle and Sparrow are finished!

Timothy Nickles

Feb 22, 2024

Roof top tent sparrow back view|rooftop tent eagle closed|Roof top tent sparrow open side view
Roof top tent sparrow open side view As you know here at Roofnest we are always trying to provide an outstanding value to our customers. We do our best to deliver a top-notch product with the best combination of material, construction, and design while still keep our prices as low as possible given the realities of running a business. We've been slowly introducing improvements into our Basic line - the Eagle and the Sparrow - over the last 6 months. More recently we've been working on a redesigned shell and a entirely new construction method to go along with it. Previously we have been molding our Eagle and Sparrow shells out of fiberglass and gel coat - fiberglass is a inexpensive, adaptable, easy-to-work-with material that allows for simple designs and has a good strength-to-weight ratio. rooftop tent eagle closed Our new shells will be made by combining the use of ABS plastic with fiberglass reinforcement. We are creating a thin "skin" of ABS plastic with the exact shape we want and then reinforcing the ABS with fiberglass to achieve a better strength-to-weight ratio (ABS is heavy, fiberglass is light). This construction method allows us to create just the shape we want so we can make our tents more aerodynamic and stronger while still not much heavier. Here is a list of all the improvements to our Basic line of tents:
  • Completely new shell design with new shape, construction, and materials. The new tents utilize a fiber-reinforced ABS shell (previous models were fiberglass only) which has been re-shaped with updated styling and aerodynamics. A thin ABS “skin” reinforced with fiberglass give this new tent the ideal combination of durability, light weight, and strength. Plus, they look amazing.
  • Updated fabric lining making the interior warmer and more comfortable (not to mention more attractive).
  • Full zip closure on the mesh doorways on either side to prevent the intrusion of pesky little insects.
  • The interior pockets are now attached with clips so that they can be removed and attached to the outside of the tent for storage of things best left outside – like shoes and negativity.
  • We’ve updated our closure system to stronger, UV-resistant, webbing straps and cam-locking buckles. We’ve found that of all the closure methods, webbing and buckles are the easiest and provide the most flexibility when you are storing bedding or other items inside the tent.
  • A full 7cm thick HDF mattress with an updated cover which is more durable and comfortable.
  • Larger windows.
  • Updated mounting hardware which is both stronger and compatible with a wider array of roof racks and crossbars.

Check out our new Eagle and new Sparrow for more photos!