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TFLCar Reviews the Roofnest Sparrow

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024


Photo: Grant Davis

As many parents can attest, camping with the kids is a blast for the whole family...until bedtime rolls around. Traditional ground camping can be cold, bumpy, and even a little scary for your little ones as they listen to wildlife go about their business at night. Did we mention the possibility of spiders getting in your tent?

Grant Davis at TFLCar recently tried out our Roofnest Sparrow on a family camp trip. The verdict? The whole family can’t wait for their next camp trip, as long as it means sleeping in a Roofnest roof top tent!

Davis notes the ease that Roofnest provides for family campers, from storing everyone’s sleeping bag and pillows inside the closed tent to popping it up in under a minute. Our favorite quote from the review might be this one, which paints a detailed picture of what none of us miss about traditional tent camping:

“No need to waste time looking for rock- and root-free level ground, clearing it of tent-piercing debris, hauling out the tent and then putting it all together. The Sparrow makes late-night and/or foul-weather campsite arrivals stress-free and fast.”

Davis also walked away a convert of the roominess of the “square box” design of the Sparrow (as opposed to traditional clamshell design): “The interior space and the ability to sit upright anywhere inside elevate the comfort-level in ways you never would have considered until you try the Sparrow.”

Davis’ last big ah-ha moment? The genius of the Roofnest’s water-proof design:

“Morning dew or an overnight rain will not stall your camp breakdown the next morning. There is no need to wait for your tent to dry out before packing it away. The vertical walls of the Sparrow prevent moisture from sticking to the outside of the tent and dew or water on the fiberglass shell up top is harmless. Until experiencing this Roofnest, we had not even been aware of this benefit.”

Another happy customer is an understatement.

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