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As the holidays approach, what do you get someone who has the ultimate set up? Well, the first best thing, of course, is a Roofnest. But if they already have that why not help them have THE BEST Roofnest? We have put together a list of the top 10 gifts to get someone who already has #1.

#1) Roofnest

We all love spending time outdoors, but do we really love setting up tents on the ground, inflating sleeping pads, drying our gear, and finding that perfectly flat campsite? I don't think so. That is why the #1 gift to get this year is one of our Roofnest Rooftop Tents. With a 7cm high-density foam mattress, you will get the good nights sleep we’re all looking for.

#2) Kelty Double Wide Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Double Wide Sleeping Bag is as good as it gets when it comes to bedding for your Roofnest. Wide enough for the Eagle model this bag is incredible, it has two built in blankets so each person can regulate their own temperature, a large hood to keep your pillows in place, and a zipper top that you can take off to bring an extra blanket around the fire. We personally own one of these and couldn’t imagine going back to a regular bag.

#3) Roofnest Down Blanket

Perfect for some extra warmth on those frigid winter nights, or for sitting around the fire at any campout. Our Roofnest Down Blanket is made with only top quality materials like 20 denier fabric and filled with 750 fill power down. Being 7’ long and 6’ wide, this blanket is perfect for any Roofnest and any occasion.

#4) Goal Zero Portable Camping Battery

Having a power supply on a trip is a true game-changer, whether you want to power your laptop, charge your phones, set up an electric blanket, or power your 12v Fridge, this little battery will change the way you camp. The Goal Zero Yeti 400 can power everything you need and even has the option to charge through solar panels, which you can add for an additional cost.

#5) Biolite Site Lights

No campsite is complete without a good lighting system. With the Biolite Site Lights, your campsite will be illuminated no matter how big or small. The daisy chaining system lets you add as many sets as you want, that each come with 10 feet of cord. Each light lets out an impressive 150 lumens which means there is no longer a need for giant spotlights, a million flashlights, or even your classic headlamp while you’re on site.

#6) Roofnest Protective Cover

This practical gift will help protect the Roofnest for years to come. With durable, waterproof cordura fabric, the cover will last a lifetime and keep their Roofnest looking new. At $125 the Roofnest Cover is cheap insurance!

#7) National Park Pass

If they have a Roofnest, you can bet they are ready to go use it. But, heading from national park to national park can get pricey, costing anywhere from $30-$35 a park! The perfect gift for any member of our flock is a yearly National Park Pass, with a small price tag of $80 the pass basically pays for itself after only two visits and you get to skip the lines. With options like the Grand Canyon, Zion, The Grand Tetons and more, there is no reason not to get it - and you're supporting our world class National Park system!

#8) Roofnest Ptarmigan Insulation

Who says the camping season has to end with summer? With our Ptarmigan Tent Insulation, you can camp comfortably all winter long. Our insulation is packable and easy to install in all of our models (Sparrow Eye excluded).

#9) Portable Camping Fan

Although all of our tents have excellent insulation, sometimes there is no avoiding the summer heat. Bring the comfort of your ceiling fan at home into the great outdoors with you with a portable camping fan. With up to 30 hours of power on high speed, this weather resistant, lightweight, and portable fan will keep you cool all night long.

#10) Roofnest Little Wing Awning

At just 60” wide when stowed away you will barely notice this awning when stored on your car. When deployed the amazing dome shape provides superior rain protection to a traditional awning and more headroom which gives you many options for mounting, even with a smaller car. This awning is perfect for any vehicle and any weather you may encounter, not to mention it matches your Roofnest…..

Well, there it is folks the team over here at Roofnest saved the headache of Christmas shopping for you. Now go trick out your Roofnest and let us see what you do by tagging us @Roofnest on Instagram or Facebook or using the hashtag #Roofnest. Who knows, we might even feature you!