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Why Every Backcountry Skier Needs A Roofnest

Roofnest Team

Feb 22, 2024


As winter is rolling in, we’ve already seen some snow in Colorado and both Keystone and A-Basin have opened. What we’re really excited about is more snow to fall so we can skin out into the backcountry and find some fresh tracks.

We all know the feeling of waking up to a foot of fresh pow and wishing we were at the base of our favorite resort or backcountry spot. Luckily for you, now you can wake up and get those fresh tracks whenever you want with a hard shell roof top tent.

Which Roofnests are best for backcountry skiing?

Every one of our tents would be great for some epic backcountry skiing if you have room in your car for all of your gear, but the Falcon and the Sandpiper both have roof racks on top that you can mount all of your gear. There are benefits to each so let’s dive in, starting with our newest tent, The Falcon.  

The Falcon

The Falcon is the newest and slimmest model we offer, coming in at just under 7” the aerodynamics are perfect for long trips to your favorite spots. Our falcon is a clamshell-style tent that has optional crossbars that mount on top which are foolproof for holding your skis and board.

With more room in your car with your skis on your tent, you can pack your warmest bags, maybe an extra Roofnest Down Blanket for those chilly nights, and all of your ski gear. 

The Sandpiper

Another great option is the Sandpiper, which also has a built-in gear rack on top to mount your favorite ski racks. One great thing about the Sandpiper is the option to install our Ptarmigan tent insulation which is perfect for those absurdly cold nights before a big night of snow.

The sandpiper has room for two adults to sleep comfortably and maybe even three if you’re trying to share body warmth during those frigid nights. We know that when we head out to the backcountry we need a ton of gear.

From shovels, skins, and probes to the road sodas you have to pack for the hike. Luckily, you can store all of your bedding inside your Sandpiper, which frees up room for even more beers for your hike (you deserve that). 

With winter coming in full force soon, make sure you’re set up to get the best laps of your life with our favorite winter rooftop tents. Whether you decide to go with the aluminum Falcon or the sleek Sandpiper, you’re going to be the early bird getting the worm…or the pow.

If you've never camped in the winter before, you may be nervous about getting chilly. But with a hard shell roof top tent, you can camp comfortably all winter long — especially if you prepare and outfit your Roofnest with these key items that will keep you warm and toasty >