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What People Are Saying About Roofnest

Stay Heads Above the Rest in a Roofnest

With a whole lot of headroom and a thick, comfortable foam mattress, a Roofnest roof top tent turns any vehicle into a cozy bed-on-wheels.

Camping off the ground means saying goodbye to sleeping on cold, bumpy, or uneven ground and saying hello to incredible views, a cleaner tent, and a better night’s sleep.

Plus, the durable shell and waterproof canvas walls of a Roofnest provide more protection from the elements like wind, rain, or hail. So no matter the weather, you’ll never have to take a rain check on staying warm and cozy during your outdoor adventures.


Get Outside Faster, Stay Longer

Whether you’re a casual camper or an avid overlander, a Roofnest roof top tent gives you the freedom to hit the road and camp anywhere you can park.

Just pop open the latches of your Roofnest and be done with setup in under a minute. No unfolding, no poles, and no protective covers to remove.

That means more time relaxing with friends and family, and less time wrestling with tent poles, sleeping bags, air mattresses, the works.


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Simply enter how many adults you need to sleep in your tent, the size of your vehicle, and your storage and gear-mounting preferences. We’ll tell you which Roofnest roof top tent is right for you. Our Tent Wizard tool takes the guesswork out of choosing a roof top tent.

Why Choose Roofnest?

Our Vision: To bring the camaraderie, wonder, and adventure of the great outdoors closer to every customer.

Our Mission: To make camping easy, accessible, convenient, and comfortable for explorers of every experience level by designing durable and easy-to-use hardshell rooftop tents.

Our Origin Story: Too legendary to make it bite-sized. Meet legendary outdoor enthusiast & Roofnest founder Tim Nickles, and discover how Roofnest came to be.

What Our Customers Have to Say...

“I just spent 3 nights in my mew Falcon XL, and I am way more than satisfied! It is SO large inside, and it is super comfy, and the dark material keeps the morning light out so I slept until 8:30’ish; normally up at 6:30! The first and second time I closed it by myself, I was NOT quoting scripture! Just take your time and it is super easy. I love all the extras included, very nice touch! I would have been on a solo trip for a month, however my fell and broke her hip, I had to return home immediately! Here to more wonderful nights!” - Todd Albert May 9, 2021
“Me my lady and pup are really enjoying our falcon XL. Very glad we got the larger width for having the dog along, he’s a total bedhog! Fit and finish are top notch. We mounted ours on the Prinsu cab/ cap racks that we bought separately. If your on fence about one of these tents because of the price tag I can assure you, just DO IT. You can’t take that hard earned money to the grave with you. Buy it, use it, live a weekend warrior nomadic lifestyle. My only small complaint is that I’m not happy with how the shoe bag hangs/ attached to the T- nut slot/ track Near wherever you mount the ladder. It’s cumbersome and always falls to the ground. I’ll devise a more solid way of anchoring it soon.” - Carter Robertson May 9, 2021

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