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David Clifford purchased the Condor 2

I love how quick and easy the set up is. The Condor is great for those quick getaways. I highly recommend the Condor 2.

William Barrow purchased the Condor 2 XL

Awesome tent! made of high quality materials. Definitely like to Line-X liner on the top. To make it extra comfortable, I add a foam pad. I would suggest adding another layer of bedding to get at-home comfort. I have only owned the tent for a couple of months, but I believe the tent will stand the test of time. Super easy to deploy and put away. Its easy to leave camp at the drop of a time. See ...

Michael Prall purchased the Condor Overland 2

Fantastic rooftop tent that works well will my overland set up. I have my condor overland 2 mounted on top of my truck cap which is why I prefer the smaller tent footprint for my set up. I’m enjoying all the new features over the previous model like the blackout material and the hvac ports are a nice improvement. I’ve only taken the tent for two trips but so far I’m extremely happy with the...

Zacharie Oneill purchased the Condor Overland 2 XL

Awesome tent, glad I bought it. Went thru a pretty bad thunderstorm storm and interior stayed perfectly dry

Rebecca Cuozzo-Gonzalez purchased the Falcon 2

We've taken this out 6 times since March and love how warm it keeps on cold nights and how ventilated it is opened up in the desert heat. It also held up well through a rough windstorm on the central coast. If I could do it all over, I may have opted for the Sparrow Eye only because of the 30lb weight difference. I know the Falcon 2 has a lot of upgrades, but it pushes the 160lb limit on my Thule ...

Todd Anderson purchased the Falcon 2 XL

We have been using a Falcon XL for a little over a year from sea level to about 7500'. From The Sierra to the Pacific Ocean with Deserts in between. The worst weather was a very windy night in Death Valley with 60mph gusts that rocked the whole vehicle. Tent didn't collapse but we were concerned being rocked back and forth. We chose it for its size and construction which has now proven itself. I'm...

Laird Petrie purchased the Falcon Pro

Excellent product - only complaint is the tension bar end clips break. I need to contact customer support to get a replacement.

R. Becnel purchased the Meadowlark

So far I'm loving this tent. I was amazed how light the tent is and quiet on the rack. It was an easy install and shipping was fast. Two weeks till the first outing and it can't come quick enough. Prost!

Robert Ayala purchased the Sparrow 2

Fantastic! My wife and I absolutely love our Sparrow 2! Fits on our Yakima jetstream bars perfectly. The included LED lights were simple to put up and use and worked great! The window and entry doors when sealed keep the light out perfectly and there’s plenty of room!

Nathan Bump purchased the Sparrow 2 XL

We used at a weekend tailgate for another couple. Used a diesel heater in freezing weather at night and they loved it! They slept great and had plenty of space.

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